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The “NU result” is the term for exam results from the National University of Bangladesh, covering Honours, Masters, and Degree programs. Results are usually available within three months after exams ended. Students can check their results online at the university’s website or through SMS. Students enrolled in the Honours, Degree, LLB, LLM or Masters programs at the National University can now check their exam results online.

The NU Result & National University Result can be downloaded from nu ac bd & . Authority also published:- NU Honours Result, NU Degree Result, Master Result, LLB Final, B.Ed, ED, B.P, CSE, MBA, B.ED, M.Ed, NU. This is the National University NU Result official website. www nu edu bd is the old website of the national university. How to download NU Result & National University Result?

The Official National University Result Website is serves as an informational portal for the Result Publication System of the National University in Bangladesh.


The NU Masters Final Year Exam Result 2024 has been published today, July 14, 2024, at 8 PM. This guide will help you check your result for the 2021 session Masters Last Year Final Exam. You can visit the official result website. After visiting the website, select “Masters Final Result” from the left side menu, enter your roll and registration number, and hit the “Search Result” button.

You can access the most recent results for all programs and exams across every college affiliated with the National University, Bangladesh, by visiting the NU result archive section. At the National University of Bangladesh, students can access a wide range of examination results across various academic programs. These include:

Hons 1st Year

অনার্স ১ম বর্ষ রেজাল্ট

Hons 2nd Year

অনার্স ২য় বর্ষ রেজাল্ট

Hons 3rd Year

অনার্স ৩য় বর্ষ রেজাল্ট

Hons 4th Year

অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষ রেজাল্ট

Degree 1st Year

ডিগ্রী ১ম বর্ষ রেজাল্ট

Degree 2nd Year

ডিগ্রী ২য় বর্ষ রেজাল্ট

Degree 3rd Year

ডিগ্রী ৩য় বর্ষ রেজাল্ট

Masters Preli

মাস্টার্স প্রিলী

Masters Final

মাস্টার্স ফাইনাল

Roll Number:

Registration No:

Exam Year:


To check your academic results at National University, Bangladesh, navigate to their official results websites: for archived results, use, and for the most current results, visit either or After selecting the relevant course and examination year, input your registration number and other required details, then click “Search Result” to view your grades.

The NU Result are also be available on NU AC BD Result website. This is the National University Result also check our government website. Government National University Result needs to download for the exam. The NU AC BD or website just for the National University Admission From. How to download nu result?

WWW NU AC BD Result declaration date fast approaching with the students are eagerly anticipating the NU Result. To check their result, students can visit the official NU website, result or other websites such as result nu ac bd or nu ac bd result com.

We have published the NU Result 2024 in PDF format on our website. You can download the nu result archive PDF form our website in you wish. Or you can download the National University Result from the official website – results ac bd website.

Maintaining a sense of anticipation and anxiety, NU Result /NU Student eagerly await the announcement of their Honours, Degree and Masters 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year Final Results.

Due to potential high traffic on the website, especially during result announcements, you may experience delays. If this occurs, retry during off-peak hours or reach out to NU’s support for further assistance. This method provides a direct approach for students to access their academic achievements at National University, Bangladesh.

01Honours 1st Year Result 2024
02Honours 2nd Year Result 2024
The National University of Bangladesh has been declared the NU Result, National University Result. National University of Bangladesh all courses/programs available BSc (Hons), BSS (Hons), Bcom (Hons), BA (Hons), Bachelor (Honours, Degree Program and Masters. You can check all details from nu ac bd or nu ac bd results.

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The NU Result Archive refers to the official online platform or repository where the National University of Bangladesh stores and publishes the examination results for all its affiliated colleges and institutions. This digital archive is designed to provide students with easy access to exam results, including those for honours, degree, masters and professional programs. Students can search for and view results by entering relevant information, such as the exam roll number, registration number, and the year of examination. This system facilitates a more efficient and accessible way for students to check their academic performance scores, results and outcomes.

The National University of Bangladesh NU are mention the detailed instructions in the result. Candidate will be informed about he issue of NU Result National University Result.

Result Years

Results are available since 1998 for degree program, 2006 for Honours Program, 2007 for Masters Program published under the National University of Bangladesh.

Available Programs

Results of Honours, Degree, Masters and Professional Program are available here. You can directly visit nu result archive to view results.

Types of Exams

Results of Honours 1st Year, Honours 2nd Year, Honours 3rd Year, Honours 4th/Final Year, Honours Consolidated , Degree 1st Year, Degree 2nd Year, Degree 3rd Year, Degree Consolidated, Masters Preliminary and Master Final  for all Affliated College Under National University of Bangladesh are available here. You can directly visit Available Result Page to View the Result.

How to View Result from

  • Step 1: Visit the official NU results archive website:
  • Step 2: You’ll find multiple options for result categories such as Honours, Degree, Masters, and Professional, among others. Select the appropriate category for your course.
  • Step 3: After selecting your course category, you may need to choose your specific part or year of study (e.g., Honours 1st Year, 2nd Year, etc.).
  • Step 4: Enter your Registration Number and the exam year.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Search Result” button to view your results. result (NU Latest Published Result Portal)

  • Step 1: Navigate to the official NU result portal:
  • Step 2: Similar to the results archive, choose your examination type or course.
  • Step 3: Provide the required details such as your Registration Number, Roll Number, and the academic year.
  • Step 4: Submit your information to access your results.

National University Result

To check the National University Result, They have provided two primary methods: online through their websites and via SMS from your mobile device.

Students can check their National University results by visiting for all program archive results or for the latest published result. They need to enter their registration number, exam roll number, and academic year to view their detailed marksheet, CGPA, and Final Result.

NU Result by Online

Method 1:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Exams” tab.
  3. Select “Year”.
  4. Enter your roll or registration number.
  5. Type in the year of your exam.
  6. Input the code shown in the image on the site.
  7. Click on “Search Result” to view your marks.

Method 2:

  1. Visit and go to the results section.
  2. From the dropdown, select “The Exam Name”
  3. Enter your Roll or Registration Number.
  4. The year might already be selected; if not, choose your exam year.
  5. Click “Search Result” to see your grades.

NU Result by SMS

If you’re facing internet issues or cannot access the website results, you can opt for the SMS method as a convenient alternative provided by the National University. Follow us –

SMS Format:

  • Open your messaging app and type: NU H1 <Roll/Registration Number> [To view the Hons 1st Year Result]
  • Send this message to 16222.


  • Type: NU H1 1213111000
  • Send to: 16222
Exam NameCode
Hons 1st Year H1
Hons 2nd Year H2
Hons 3rd Year H3
Hons 4th Year H4
Masters PreliMP
Masters FinalMF

This SMS service allows students to receive their Honours First Year results directly on their mobile phones, ensuring accessibility regardless of internet connectivity.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure you have your registration number and roll number handy before attempting to check your results.
  • Sometimes the website may experience delays or downtime due to high traffic volumes, especially around the time results are announced. If this happens, try accessing the website during off-peak hours.
  • For further assistance, you can contact the National University’s help desk or visit your college/university administration office.

These platforms are designed to provide students with easy access to their academic results. Whether you’re checking your Honours, Degree, Masters, or any other examination results, these websites offer a streamlined process for students under the National University, Bangladesh.